Using on-line journals in engineering courses

Year: 2009
Editor: Clarke, A, Ion, W, McMahon, C and Hogarth, P
Author: Gill, Deshinder Singh; Katz, Tim; Covill, Derek
Page(s): 239-244


Podcasts and videocasts (recordings of lectures with audio and video content) are valuable teaching resources which provide a flexible and engaging learning environment and help to accommodate a wider variety of learning styles. The students are encouraged to reflect on particular topic areas by reviewing such resources and creating their own library of web links and related resources. A database of videocasts can encourage a community approach in learning, where students can learn from the knowledge, tips, dead ends, tricks and approaches of their peers. Practical issues associated with the use of online teaching material are reviewed.

Keywords: Kolb model, podcast, videocast, blogs, reflective learning, online journal

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