Wave Field Synthesis for Virtual Prototyping in VR Systems

Year: 2009
Editor: Norell Bergendahl, M.; Grimheden, M.; Leifer, L.; Skogstad, P.; Lindemann, U.
Author: Brix, Sandra; Brix, Torsten; Sladeczek, Christoph
Section: Product and Systems Design
Page(s): 345-354


Acoustical properties play often a major role in product design not only in the consumer and automobile industry, but also in other industries sectors. For this purpose more and more digital product models replace physical prototypes in order to reduce time and design costs. Using digital product models during the virtual prototyping the acoustical product behavior can be optimized also in the early design phases. A key component of the virtual prototyping is the virtual reality with its immersive and real-time features. A new audiovisual VR-system combines the stereoscopic projection with the state of the art audio reproduction method called Wave-Field-Synthesis (WFS). This new audio technology enables a realistic sound impression as well as a precise localization and distance of sound sources. The paper describes the application of Wave-Field-Synthesis in VR systems to support the verification of design solutions. Furthermore guidelines and limitations for the use of WFS in VR-Systems are discussed. Finally some research tasks to reduce or avoid existing WFS-limitations are presented.

Keywords: Virtual Reality, Virtual Prototyping, Acoustics, Wave-Field-Synthesis, Design optimization


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