Requirement Negotiation for Feasible Service Development

Year: 2009
Editor: Norell Bergendahl, M.; Grimheden, M.; Leifer, L.; Skogstad, P.; Lindemann, U.
Author: Watanabe, Kentaro; Kimita, Koji; Tateyama, Takeshi; Shimomura, Yoshiki
Section: Design Processes
Page(s): 595-606


Service design has been generally discussed in the engineering field in recent years. Though the focus of service design tends to be on customer values, the requirement of service providers is also important from the aspect of the feasibility of a designed service. However, there are few standard methods to represent the service provider?s requirements for its own service and to design a service to fulfil it. In this research, the authors suggest a method to represent a service provider?s requirement based on the service design methods of Service Engineering. In addition, the authors suggest a process to adjust the specifications of a designed service in order to fulfil the requirements of both service providers and service receivers simultaneously.

Keywords: Service Design, Service Engineering, Requirement Negotiation


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