Decision-Focused Product Development Process Improvements

Year: 2009
Editor: Norell Bergendahl, M.; Grimheden, M.; Leifer, L.; Skogstad, P.; Lindemann, U.
Author: Eriksson, Joakim; Brannemo, Anette
Section: Design Processes
Page(s): 37-48


Currently, there is little or no methodology or methods available to "process improvers" in product development which focus on decision-making fundamentals in order to improve the performance of decision-making within the product development process. In order to support product development process improvements, it is important to develop knowledge about how the collaborative decisionmaking process can be viewed holistically and include its relation to performance aspects. The objective of this research is to investigate what elements characterize a collaborative decisionmaking system and what enables the management of the system. The research investigates these two aspects through a literature review and a case study at a large Swedish company. A Rich Picture is developed in order to clarify the relationship between fundamental decision-making aspects, performance, the process levels, and the product development organization. The descriptive case study identifies what actors consider to affect collaborative decision-making and exposes the competencies needed in order to manage the collaborative decision-making process.

Keywords: Collaborative decision-making, Product development, Decision management


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