Year: 2008
Editor: Marjanovic D., Storga M., Pavkovic N., Bojcetic N.
Author: Singh B., Matthews J., Mullineux G., Medland A. J..
Section: Advanced design methods
Page(s): 673 - 680


Linkage mechanisms have many uses in design and engineering. They can be used to generate intricate motions in assembly tasks, packaging operations, and robotics. Mechanisms are preferable to their main (mechanical) alternative which is cams. The main drawback is the fact that they are difficult to design in the first place. This paper explores a means for creating computer-based catalogues of mechanisms which store the parameters for the mechanism along with its output motion. The output path is stored using Fourier techniques and the Fourier coefficients can be given physical meaning. The paper discusses the creation and use of a catalogue, how a selection can be made more optimal, and how the local design space can be explored.

Keywords: mechanisms, catalogues, design optimisation, closed curves


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