Year: 2008
Editor: Marjanovic D., Storga M., Pavkovic N., Bojcetic N.
Author: Tan A., Andreasen M. M., Matzen D.
Section: Product service engineering
Page(s): 517 - 528


Many manufacturers today are shifting from a product to service-orientation, where instead of the product, the activity and knowledge associated with the use is considered to be more valuable to the customer. This approach has been dubbed product/service-systems (PSS). It appears that no theories have crystallised about PSS’s structural and behavioural attributes, and no mindset exists for conceptualisation based upon the nature of service in design. Starting with Hubka’s Transformation Model, service-oriented models are reviewed. Based on this an understanding of the conceptual aspects of PSS are outlined. An account is given of how this is applied when teaching PSS design. Directions for research in systematic PSS design are also given.

Keywords: product service systems (PSS), conceptualisation, service design


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