DS 48: Proceedings DESIGN 2008, the 10th International Design Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Year: 2008
Editor: Marjanovic D., Storga M., Pavkovic N., Bojcetic N.
Author: Rihtaršič, J.; Žavbi, R.; Duhovnik, J.
Section: Design theories and approaches
Page(s): 53 - 60


The article presents a systematic approach to synthesis of a conceptual technical system (TS). The starting point for creating the structure of conceptual TS are physical laws, which are required to fulfil the desired function. In order to enable connections between individual physical laws and TS structure, basic schemata (BS) are introduced. Basic schemata consist of geometrical elements and physical quantities. They represent the necessary structure for realization of the complementary physical laws. BS are applied for embodiment of the parts and they enable their assembly into complex TS. Connections between BS reveal physical nature of TS.

Keywords: technical system, conceptual design, physical law, synthesis


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