Handbook of Engineering Systems Design

We are delighted to announce this Springer Reference Works.

More than 60 leading scholars from the Engineering Systems Design community including many active members of the Design Society share their insights on multi-level systems change for humane and sustainable futures. 

In 35 chapters, the Handbook surveys the lay of the land and brings together challenges, positions, theories, methods, case examples, conjectures, and actionable insights forward across design, management, and policy.

  • Part 1 The basics of the socio-technical engineering systems perspective
  • Part 2 Describing core characteristics of large-scale engineering systems
  • Part 3 Designing engineering systems interventions
  • Part 4 Reflecting on engineering systems interventions
  • Part 5 A look to the future with case examples from health and transport and calls to action

Thank you to all authors, editors, nature, colleagues in academia, industry, government for inspiration, dialogue, and visionary determination to get here. May our collective work provide a solid foundation to build on.

Check it out and spread the word: Handbook on Engineering Systems Design. See also table of contents below. 



Table of Contents:


Part I The Engineering Systems Perspective


Introducing Engineering Systems Design: A New Engineering Perspective on the Challenges of Our Times

Anja Maier, Josef Oehmen, Pieter E. Vermaas

Pages 3-32


History of Engineering Systems Design Research and Practice

Chris McMahon

Pages 33-51


Design Perspectives, Theories, and Processes for Engineering Systems Design

Ola Isaksson, David C. Wynn, Claudia Eckert

Pages 53-99


The Evolution of Complex Engineering Systems

Claudia Eckert, John Clarkson

Pages 101-139


Sustainable Futures from an Engineering Systems Perspective

Tim C. McAloone, Michael Z. Hauschild

Pages 141-163


Digitalisation of Society

Dieter Spath, Jürgen Gausemeier, Roman Dumitrescu, Johannes Winter, Steffen Steglich, M. Drewel

Pages 165-187


Systems Thinking: Practical Insights on Systems-Led Design in Socio-Technical Engineering Systems

Misha Kaur, Luke Craven

Pages 189-217


Part II Describing Engineering Systems


Technical and Social Complexity

Babak Heydari, Paulien Herder

Pages 221-250


Human Behaviour, Roles, and Processes

Petra Badke-Schaub, Harald Schaub

Pages 251-286


Risk, Uncertainty, and Ignorance in Engineering Systems Design

Josef Oehmen, Jan Kwakkel

Pages 287-317


Properties of Engineering Systems

Donna H. Rhodes, Adam M. Ross

Pages 319-348


Part III Designing Engineering Systems Interventions


Engineering Systems Design Goals and Stakeholder Needs

Alison McKay, Ole Broberg, Mark A. Robinson

Pages 351-380


Architecting Engineering Systems: Designing Critical Interfaces

Marija Jankovic, Andreas M. Hein

Pages 381-405


Data-Driven Preference Modelling in Engineering Systems Design

Wei Chen, Faez Ahmed, Yaxin Cui, Zhenghui Sha, Noshir Contractor

Pages 407-440


Formulating Engineering Systems Requirements

Markus Zimmermann, Olivier de Weck

Pages 441-491


Designing for Human Behaviour in a Systemic World

Anja Maier, Philip Cash

Pages 493-526


Designing for Technical Behaviour

Jitesh H. Panchal, Paul T. Grogan

Pages 527-556


Dynamics and Emergence: Case Examples from Literature

Mo Mansouri, Mario Štorga

Pages 557-592


Designing for Emergent Safety in Engineering Systems

J. Robert Taylor, Igor Kozine

Pages 593-621


Flexibility and Real Options in Engineering Systems Design

Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Ana Mijic, Jennifer Whyte

Pages 623-651


Engineering Systems in Flux: Designing and Evaluating Interventions in Dynamic Systems

Pieter W. G. Bots

Pages 653-678


Engineering Systems Integration, Testing, and Validation

Ricardo Valerdi, Brendan P. Sullivan

Pages 679-708


Evaluating Engineering Systems Interventions

Wester C. H. Schoonenberg, Amro M. Farid

Pages 709-733


Part IV Reflecting on Engineering Systems Interventions



Research Methods for Supporting Engineering Systems Design

Zoe Szajnfarber, David A. Broniatowski

Pages 737-763


Transforming Engineering Systems: Learnings from Organising Megaprojects

Joana Geraldi, Andrew Davies

Pages 765-787


Asking Effective Questions: Awareness of Bias in Designerly Thinking

Rebecca Anne Price, Peter Lloyd

Pages 789-804


Choosing Effective Means: Awareness of Bias in the Selection of Methods and Tools

Jaap Daalhuizen, Björgvin Hjartarson

Pages 805-824


Creating Effective Efforts: Managing Stakeholder Value

Alejandro Romero-Torres, Maude Brunet

Pages 825-849


Ethics and Equity-Centred Perspectives in Engineering Systems Design

Wiljeana Jackson Glover, Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup

Pages 851-874


Roles and Skills of Engineering Systems Designers

Panos Y. Papalambros

Pages 875-892


Part V Futures of Engineering Systems Design


Educating Engineering Systems Designers: A Systems Design Competences and Skills Matrix

James Moultrie

Pages 895-929


Engineering Systems Interventions in Practice: Cases from Healthcare and Transport

Christian Thuesen, Igor Kozine, Anja Maier, Josef Oehmen

Pages 931-985



Public Policy and Engineering Systems Synergy

Sebastiaan Meijer, Karol Olejniczak, Jayanth Raghothama

Pages 987-1010


Transitioning to Sustainable Engineering Systems

Chris McMahon, Susan Krumdieck

Pages 1011-1033


Engineering Systems Design: A Look to the Future

Anja Maier, Josef Oehmen, Pieter E. Vermaas

Pages 1035-1046


Handbook on Engineering Systems Design

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