Estimating the effects of Engineering Changes in early stage product development

Year: 2016
Editor: Marly Monteiro de Carvalho, Steven D. Eppinger, Maik Maurer, Lucia Becerril
Author: Lucia Becerril, Michael Sauer, Udo Lindemann
Series: DSM
Institution: Chair of Product Development, Technical University of Munich; Motius GmbH
Section: Project Management
Page(s): 125-135
DOI number: 10.19255/JMPM-DSM2016
ISBN: 978-85-63710-01-7


Constantly changing requirements pose a major challenge for industry, especially in the early phases of product development where there is little information available. One of the main reasons for that are the effects of change propagation. Several tools and methods address how Engineering Changes affect further product components, however how these changes affect the project cost and time has not been sufficiently addressed so far. We propose a method that aims to estimate the additional effort and impact on project time of implementing a change, providing an additional decision support whether or at what cost to implement a requirement or an engineering change.

Keywords: Engineering Change Management, Change Prediction, Project Modelling

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