A Biomimetic Approach Enhanced with Creativity to Design a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Vehicle’s Body

Year: 2015
Editor: Amaresh Chakrabarti, Toshiharu Taura and Yukari Nagai
Author: S. Mishra1, A. Kumar1, S. Garg1, I. Sharma1 and P. Kumar1
Institution: 1School of Engineering, Gautam Buddha University, Gr. Noida, India
Section: Brief Podium Papers
Page(s): 335-339
ISBN: 978-1-904670-60-5


The present research envisages the creativity involved in design of hydrogen fuel
cell powered vehicle’s outer shell through a biomimetic approach. A study of Hawk Bird
wings is implemented to design the two sides doors of a three wheeler single seater prototype
vehicle. The vehicle, named as Unfrozen Hawk, is designed to resemble hawk wings while
opening and closing of doors. Also, the tear drop aerodynamic structure is designed to reduce
the drag force on vehicle body. The research concludes to show that biomemetics can enhance
the aesthetics and aerodynamic performance of a three wheeler vehicle through a creative
approach of design.

Keywords: Aesthetics, Aerodynamics, Biomemetics, Hawk Wings


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