Manager l'interface
Approche par la complexite

Language: French
Year: 2012
Author: Nicquevert, Bertrand
Supervisor: Boujut, Jean-Francois
Institution: G-SCOP – University of Grenoble, CERN – Geneva
Page(s): 510


In large projects such as particle accelerators or detectors, interfaces and boundaries reveal themselves to be both critical and underestimated. The technical manager, an actor among others, finds himself placed at network nodes where he must set up exchanges spaces in order to generate collaborative behaviours. Starting with case studies from the field of CERN, the thesis follows three principles based on the dialogical, the hologramic and the self-eco-organization principles, as expanded in the writings on complexity. It puts forward an original methodological matrix construction leading to a transactional model of the interface actor. The collaborative exchanges spaces builds itself as a place for the dynamic transformation of the interface actor into a boundary actor. Intermediate objects, created during the design / integration process, are simultaneously transformed into boundary objects. They are instrumental in the realization of the product: this takes place in the framework of the project which has been determined through a recursive process. The interest generated by such a global and combined approach of this dynamic process leads to the proposal of a “hypercompass”, with the aim of providing the means for the technical manager to orient his “acting ↔ thinking”.

Keywords: CERN, science lourde, grands projets, physique des particules, complexite, ingenierie collaborative, modelisation de processus, concourance, management de la conception, interfaces organisationnelles, integration mecanique, Conception integree de produits, cycle de vie

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