Special Interest Group (SIG)

Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes

Interest: Research, Management


The MMEP Special Interest Group aims to support industry in understanding, modelling and running design processes by bringing together a community of design researchers and interacting with industry by identifying research challenges in MMEP and working together to resolve them. The SIG investigates strategies, approaches, methods, and tools for modelling, building up, optimising and managing design processes of complex engineering products.

The SIG members work closely with industry and the SIG wants to respond to the challenges of industry in guiding the research of its members and support practitioners directly through access to workshops and design publications. The SIG’s role is being a facilitator for networking, for identifying research needs, for developing research ideas, and for exchanging and discussing research results, by incorporating researchers and practitioners.


The Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes (MMEP) SIG is interested in the role that product and process models can play in improving the performance of design processes of complex engineering products. It is interested in the use of product and process modelling as a means to support directing, controlling and managing engineering design processes.

Of interest are models generated specifically for process planning and management purposes as well as product models, such as functional models, that are used to make key decisions about the product or the process that is required to create the product. As many of these models are linked or interconnected, the SIG specifically addresses integrated product and process models. We are open to all modelling approaches and address how the structure of different modelling approaches affect the models generated and the actions carried out based on these models. The SIG works closely with industry and aims to address issues arising from industrial practice.


Dr.-Ing. Kilian Gericke; University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg (chair)
Prof. Dr. Claudia M. Eckert, Open University, UK (chair)
Prof. P. John Clarkson, University of Cambridge, UK
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Sándor Vajna, Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg, Germany
Dr.-Ing. Peter Heisig, Univeristy of Leeds, UK
Prof. Felician Campean, University of Bradford, UK
Prof. Dr. Ola Isaksson, Chalmers University of Technology, GKN Aerospace Engine Systems, Sweden
Dr. David Wynn, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Dr. Maik Maurer, CTO Spritz, USA


Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, USA

Mode of operation

Current activities
- Regular workshops addressing topics central to our field (process modelling, integrated models, fundamentals of process modeling, ...)
- Work on review papers
- Forum for PhD students in this field

- Active exchange between industrial and academic members
- Work on joint research project
- Joint workshops with industry dressing the grand visions of MMEP (see MMEP white paper)

Interaction via:
- e-mail
- LinkedIn discussion group "MMEP"
- MMEP Workshops and conferences

Deliverables and benefits for our members:
- Networking (personal meetings, internships, etc.)
- Overview about ongoing research projects in our area
- Literature data-base providing an overview about most relevant literature in our area (using Mendeley)
- Visibility of your work in the right context
- Focussed feedback on your work
- Joint publications
- Joint research proposals
- Events
- Exchange between industry and academia

Type of events

Regular meetings
- workshops at ICED and DESIGN Conference
- MMEP workshops

Type of publications

MMEP conference proceedings
- MMEP 2010; Heisig, P., Clarkson, P.J., and Vajna, S., eds., 2010. Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes. London: Springer. ISBN 978-1-84996-199-8
- MMEP 2012: Heisig P., Clarkson J. , eds., 2014. Modeling and Management of Engineering Processes - Concepts, Tools and Case studies. Technical report, Cambridge: University of Cambridge. ISBN 978-0-9564691-3-7
- MMEP 2013; Schabacker M., Gericke K., Szelig N., Vajna S., eds. 2014, Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference 2013. Berlin: Springer. ISBN 3662440083
Whitepaper "Research Roadmap MMEP 2020"

DS 72: Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes - Concepts, Tools and Case Studies
Editor: Heisig, Peter; Clarkson, John
MMEP research topics identified during SIG workshop, Cambridge 9/2013
MMEP SIG research project portfolio
Editor: Kilian Gericke
Challenges and Future Fields of Research for Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes
Peter Heisig, John Clarkson, Jens Hemphälä, Carl Wadell, Margareta Norell Bergendahl, Julia Roelofsen, Matthias Kreimeyer, Udo Lindemann (40)
Dr. Claudia M. Eckert

Dr. Claudia M. Eckert

United Kingdom

If you are interested in joining, please contact SIG chair.
Group News
MMEP workshop // Comparing process modelling approaches

May 18, 2015 - May 18, 2015
United Kingdom

MMEP workshop // Comparing process modelling approaches

Operational Research and Design - Developing the Dialogue

Mar 10, 2015 - Mar 10, 2015
United Kingdom

Operational Research and Design - Developing the Dialogue

SIG Workshop - March 2013