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Honorary fellows

An Honorary Fellow is an individual recognised by the Society to have rendered outstanding services to the Society or to the design community in general, due regard being paid to the fact that this is the highest honour the Society can bestow.

List of Honorary Fellows

Prof. Mogens Myrup Andreasen

Mogens Myrup Andreasen

Honorary fellow (2003)


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark

A founding member of WDK, Mogens Andreasen has made notable contributions to design research over more than three decades, especially in product development, modularisation and design theory.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Dr. h.c. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Birkhofer

Herbert Birkhofer

Honorary fellow (2009)


Product Development and Machine Elements, Darmstadt University of Technology

The first President of the Design Society, Herbert Birkhofer has made notable contributions to research and practice in the area of machine design and systematic design methodology.

Prof. Nigel Cross

Nigel Cross

Honorary fellow (2007)

(United Kingdom)

Department of Design, The Open University

Editor of the journal Design Studies and President of the Design Research Society, Nigel Cross has made contributions to design research and practice over five decades. He is particularly responsible for developing understanding on design cognition and in promoting the notion of design thinking.

Professor Alex Duffy

Alex Duffy

Honorary fellow (2011)

(United Kingdom)

Design Manufacture and Engineering Management, University of Strathclyde

Founder member of the Design Society and President from 2005 to 2009, Alex Duffy has made significant research contributions in computer-aided design and systems design. He is Editor of the Journal of Engineering Design.

Professor Emeritus of Engineering Clive Dym †

Clive Dym †

Honorary fellow (2017)

(United States)


Clive L. Dym was the Fletcher Jones Professor of Engineering Design at Harvey Mudd College since 1991, where he directed the Center for Design Education and was also department chair (1999–2002). His interests included design theory, knowledge-based systems, and structural and applied mechanics. A graduate of Cooper Union (1964), Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute (1964), and Stanford University (1967),he authored ten books, a large number of articles and served as founding editor-in-chief of AIEDAM. He led the creation of the North American Chapter of the Design Society. The US National Academy of Engineering has recognized Prof. Dym and his Harvey Mudd colleagues with the prestigious Gordon Prize for the creation and dissemination of innovations inundergraduate engineering design education.

Prof, Dr h.c. Wolfgang Ernst Eder †

Wolfgang Ernst Eder †

Honorary fellow (2007)


Mechanical Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada

Ernst Eder made contributions to WDK over many years and was particularly instrumental in developing, documenting and promulgating research in design science.

Prof. Michael French †

Michael French †

Honorary fellow (2005)

(United Kingdom)

Lancaster University

Michael French, the first Head of the Engineering Department at Lancaster University and its founding professor, died on Tuesday 24 February 2015. Michael French was honoured by the Design Society for his original and outstanding contribution to design research and education, especially in conceptual design. His insights and original thinking led amongst much other work to two outstanding books - ‘Conceptual Design for Engineers’ and ‘Invention and Evolution, Design in Nature and Engineering’ - that influenced a generation of design researchers and students. The undergraduate course he set up at Lancaster embodied radical ideas which have endured to this day and latterly been imitated elsewhere, a witness to Michael’s forward thinking.

Prof. John Gero

John Gero

Honorary fellow (2009)

(United States)

Computer Science and Architecture, UNCC and GMU

A prolific researcher in design, John Gero was honoured for notable contributions in design computing, computer-aided design and design cognition and for his promotion of international collaboration in design research.

Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. Vladimir Hubka †

Vladimir Hubka †

Honorary fellow (2001)


Swiss Federal Technical University (ETH)

Vladimir Hubka was the father of the ICED Conferences and WDK and a major contributor throughout his life to design science, the theory of technical systems and the theory of design processes. In addition to his Honorary Fellowship, he received a lifetime achievement award from the Society for his outstanding contribution to the community and design science.

Professor Larry J. Leifer

Larry J. Leifer

Honorary fellow (2011)

(United States)

Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Founding Director of the Center for Design Research (CDR) at Stanford University, Larry Leifer has made notable contributions to design thinking research and its application in understanding, supporting and improving design practice.

Prof. Gerhard Pahl †

Gerhard Pahl †

Honorary fellow (2005)


Technical University of Darmstadt

Co-author of perhaps the most celebrated book on Engineering Design, Gerhard Pahl was honoured for his original and outstanding contribution to design methods and methodology.

Prof. Norbert Roozenburg

Norbert Roozenburg

Honorary fellow (2011)


Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology

Founding member of the Society’s Advisory Board, Norbert Roozenburg was honoured for his strong contributions to design research and scholarship over many years.

Professor Ken Wallace

Ken Wallace

Honorary fellow (2007)

(United Kingdom)

Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Member of WDK, former Editor-in-Chief (Europe) of Research in Engineering Design and first Director of the Cambridge Engineering Design Centre, Ken Wallace was honoured for many contributions to design research and education.

Prof. Hiroyuki Yoshikawa

Hiroyuki Yoshikawa

Honorary fellow (2003)


National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

President of the University of Tokyo and former President of CIRP, Hiroyuki Yoshikawa is the originator of general design theory as a formal theory of design and a major contributor to the foundations of design research.

Nomination of Honorary Fellows

Members of the Board of Management or Advisory Board of the Design Society can nominate individuals (who need not have been Members of the Society before) as Honorary Members. The final decision is with the Board of Management. By tradition, Honorary Membership is awarded with a ceremony at ICED conferences, but can in special cases also be bestowed at other times and locations.

Please use the linked form for the nomination of potential Honorary Fellows.

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