Design Management


The Design Management SIG (DeMSIG) focuses on the broad area of the Design Management research including innovation and design thinking to allow maximum participation of its members. The Design Management SIG together with the Design Research Society’s Design Innovation Management formed the Design Management Academy which acts as an umbrella to facilitate activities by members from both of the SIGs’.

The Design Management Academy is planning international conference on a theme of ‘Design Thinking in Transition’. The conference will be hosted by the Design School at Honk Kong Polytechnic University on 7–9 June 2017.


The main objective of the DeMSIG is to foster collaboration of its members and interested parties by hosting conferences, workshops and online sharing of current research within the broad field of design management. The DeMSIG will serve as a platform for knowledge creation within design management.


Erik Bohemia, Petra Badke-Schaub, Nuša Fain

Type of events

Workshops at conferences such as DESIGN, IASDR, DRS and ICED.

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