DESIGN2018 Workshops Announced

Workshop sessions at the DESIGN2018 conference aim to bring together users and experts in interactive, half-day sessions elaborating specific topics. The workshop coordinators can invite selected presentations and demonstrations, in order to stimulate the debate, as well as to propose any format of delivery that inspires interaction. The workshop participants receive all the workshop contributions prior to the conference in order to stimulate a discussion on the workshop.

Workshops at this year's DESIGN conference:

  • Tackling tough design challenges together
  • Let’s generate Eco-Innovative concepts: experimenting an Eco-Ideation toolbox
  • Methods for Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes
  • Validate the V‐Model for the new VDI2206
  • New research topics in Design for Additive Manufacture
  • The creative moment(s): characterisation and enablers of Design Creativity
  • Mapping success in Collaborative Engineering
  • Exploring the future of draw/sketch contexts in Design Education
  • Perceived quality - quality is in the eye of the beholder
  • Research of definitions and characteristics of simple products

Read more about the workshops and the whole conference via this link:

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