Announcing the new DS Website!

A key feedback from our Membership Survey a year or so ago was the need to update and modernise the DS website. Listening to our members, a team of our colleagues has been working intensively to create a fresh new website, with a host of new functionality. We are proud and excited to invite you to browse the all-new:!

Key attributes we aimed to meet in the design of the new site are:

  • have a modern look-and-feel
  • better searchability in publications (for both users and web-crawlers)
  • powered by a strong and secure database and search engine
  • built to enhance features that are exclusive to DS members
  • fully equipped to integrate new forms of media presentation, content-sharing and collaboration 
  • updated security

More functionality for DS Members

DS members have access to far more content and functionality. Once logged-in, members have access to new content and areas of the site that are not available to the general public, such as theses, member profiles and job-postings. The new website is designed for interaction, meaning that we’ve made it simple for DS members to contribute directly to a number of parts of the website. DS Members, can directly submit news, events and job announcements, for our web manager to publish on the website.

The website enables far more sophisticated searches than before, on par with other bibliographic search databases and with easier download links to our articles. Members also have the ability of multi-form media sharing that we hope can support the many great networking and learning experiences that we share as members.

In the coming months, we will be further developing the website, where we plan to:

  • add new sub-sites for SIGs and Chapters
  • link the website more closely to the DS’s own Design Science Journal
  • have the option for DS Members to integrate their LinkedIn, ResearchGate and ORCID profiles into their DS membership profiles
  • add more media contents and publications
  • and a number of other new features.

In the coming weeks, we will be bringing full instructions and tutorials on how to propose a conference, workshop or Special Interest Group; and on how to navigate the interactive parts of the website. 

Keep checking in

As expected, this is a continuous improvement project. The site will grow in contents and functionality over the coming months, and we will update you on these. In the meantime, we strongly welcome all the feedback you may have – this is your website and we want you to feel comfortable with it! After a few months of experience, we will conduct a short survey amongst our members, to get more targeted feedback, for a cosmetic and functionality update.

We want to offer our special thanks to the team that worked most closely on making the new website a reality: Rebecca Axford, Kilian Gericke, Dorian Marjanovic, Tim McAloone and our web-designer, Antonio Magdic.

We hope you enjoy the new website!

Kind regards
The Board of Management

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