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20th Summer School on Engineering Design Research (SSEDR ’18)

The 20th edition of the Summer School on Engineering Design Research (SSEDR ’18) takes place:

  • from Sunday June 10th until Saturday June 16th 2018, at Oasi di Cavoretto, Torino-Cavoretto, Italy, hosted by Prof. Marco Cantamessa and Prof. Francesca Montagna, Politecnico di Torino, and
  • from Sunday July 15th until Friday (!) July 20th 2018, at Kloster Drübeck (nr. Braunschweig), Germany, hosted by Prof. Thomas Vietor, Technische Universität Braunschweig

Organisers and main instructors are again Prof. Lucienne Blessing (Singapore University of Technology and Design), Dr. Daniela Pigosso (Technical University of Denmark) and Prof. Christian Weber (Technische Uni­ver­sität Ilmenau, Germany).

The Summer School on Engineering Design Research is aimed at PhD students/candidates who are working on topics related to Design Science. It provides support by helping to select a theoretical foundation and develop a research approach, and by encouraging discussion and collaboration. A major part of the course are exercises – directly applied to the individual re­search pro­jects of the participants.

The fee is 1,100 Euro. This includes the course material (paper binders), discussion and exercise results (provided via Dropbox), background material (provided via Dropbox), the book “DRM, a Design Research Methodol­ogy” and full-board accommodation for both weeks.

The number of participants is restricted to max. 20. Therefore, an application is required.

Please see the attached invitation (requires DS Member login to see invitation) for further details, application, etc.

For details of past summer schools, see: www.ssedr.org.

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