Special Interest Group (SIG)

Development of Mechatronic Products and Systems

Interest: Research


• Consolidation of research in Mechatronics among internationally active research groups
• Definition of key areas of interest and action recommendation for further research
• Fruitful exchange of knowledge and experiences between researchers, students and industry partners
• Exchanging education concepts and teaching experiences in the growing area of mechatronic student programs


Mechatronics - the synergetic integration of different engineering domains such as mechanics, electronics and information technology can create new products and stimulate innovative solutions. Due to the interaction of domains the complexity of mechatronic products is usually very high.
Therefore mechatronics faces two main challenges:
1. complexity,
2. multidisciplinarity.
The SIG "Development of Mechatronic Products and Systems" encourage the discussion on
1. how to manage complexity in mechatronic-specific design,
2. how to support the designer in communication among multidisciplinary design teams.
Our specific research areas are as follows:
- Self-optimizing and cognitive systems,
- automated design,
- Approaches to handle complexity,
- Procedures and tools to support engineers communication.


Prof. Jan Wikander, KTH, Sweden
Zhun Fan, PhD, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen


Denmark, Finland, Germany, Holland, Japan, Kanada, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA

Mode of operation

Workshops at Design Society conferences;
first workshop: ICED 07, Paris, France
second workshop: DESIGN 08, Dubrovnik, Kroatia
third workshop: ICED 09, Stanford, USA

Type of events

Next workshop:
ICED 09, Standford, USA

If you are interested in joining, please contact SIG chair.
SIG Mechatronics Workshop

Aug 24, 2009 - Aug 24, 2009
United States

SIG Mechatronics Workshop

SIG Workshop - March 2013